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I'd like to talk a bit about the genre of a Runner. No, not about the history of the emergence and growing popularity, and what it so unique. Many might say that the Runner is practically no different from Platforming, but really, this is only a first impression. If you analyze the gameplay of a Platformer and compare it with the Runner, then the first thing you'll notice is the difference in Dynamics! Platformers, no matter what dynamic they are, almost always give the player time to think. It can move forward or backward, or maybe just to stand still and relax. The levels in the Platforming for the most part collected in the form of labyrinths, where there is the opportunity to move not only left-right but up-down. Runners in the same levels, generally horizontal and the motion is always forward. The player has almost no time for rest and reflection, so this genre can be attributed to entertainment games that have no story or some special meaning and the only aim of such games is "kill ". This, incidentally, was the main reason for the popularity of this genre, as a large portion of the new generation of players just don't want to delve into the complex subjects of casual games and they just want something to do at recess or on the way to school. From this it follows that the process of creation of the Runner is quite different from the process of creating a normal Platformer. The developer first has to concentrate on building interesting and dynamic levels, which will force the player to sweat and thus will not let him get bored.

Published Dec 21, 2015
StatusOn hold

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